Take a Snap While You Can

I took photos below with my handphone camera. I surprise that their result turn out good enough in the middle of hot sunny day. I never do effect to my photo because I can’t and too lazy to learn the software. The location took place at Kelurahan Cakung, East Jakarta which is the location of my flood project. The place seems… very hot and dry and… you know the picture tells itself.


Some and more

Well, helloo readers. Just straight to the point, okay? =)

First, my blog hits reaches 10000 clicks, which, a lot. I don’t know why people always ended here and I’m sorry for being such not-very-professional blog writer. But thank you anyway, for those who read.

Second, about my tweet, goodreads account or blog. Now, I’m increasing my writing in English, which I want to keep continue. There are several people which always questioned about me using English, instead of Bahasa Indonesia. Nothing special and definitely there is nothing to do between language I use and patriotism. Whatever ;D

And third, recently I am following many games in Olympic. Somebody in the office told me about live streaming in Youtube and it is really great! I can choose whatever games I wanna watch and there is the schedule, too. No more TVRI need, haha. What? You judge me for not doing office work? You’re almost true, until you see what happen on my desktop, hehe. My favorite is archery, diving, swimming, athletics, and all games I can see until 6 (the end of office hour), hohoho

Our Dream

“I wish we had pantry like masterchef’s. So if I lack of ingredients, I just jump into it and that’s it!”

“Pantry like that can feed little country -_____________- ”

“Regarding our combine portion which approximately like, um…Timor Leste or Brunei, I assume you agree, right?”


An explanation

Dear fellow imaginary readers, I am sorry for being such a careless writer…or blogger. Lately, I experience a new phase of my life. I’ve been move into another city *still in Indonesia, off course* and city move is really not an easy one, especially for nomad people. Err, okay sorry…babbling.

This writing begin with my work acceptance in consultant firm, water engineering based which focus on power plant project. My office is located in Jakarta. So far that is the fact I knew. Honestly, I don’t really know about my company based or condition, who is the director, how long we get leave-time or stuff like that. Call me not-so-pay-attention-employee? It is really takes time because I am think through too about that =D

I moved to Jakarta from Bandung a month ago. Bring all my stuff for 4-years-college life and my mother agree that my stuff as big as newlyweed stuff. Not so supportive mother I think -___________-

So this is me now, a working girl in big hurry city. I work every weekdays from 9 to 6 in the evening. My bedroom in Jakarta is nice, it is bigger than the old one in Bandung, the neighborhood is nice, too and I hope I can through this phase. Next story will be not about my job, but back again like my previous random writing. Yosh! Jakarta will not change who am I or what I want to reach. Still I am the girl who love to bring lunch box to office, do almost me-time alone *eh* and have silly dream. hohoho


Beraktivitas di sini, saya melihat betapa orang-orang ingin sekali mencapai rumahnya pada saat pulang kantor. Di kota lain juga sama sebenarnya, tapi tidak pernah melihat yang sebegininya ingin pulang sampai mengambil jalur yang bukan jalurnya. Ternyata rumah itu faktor penting dalam hidup seseorang ya, seperti yang saya baca di koran beberapa waktu lalu, perkataan dari seorang sutradara terkenal.

“Saya tidak menyangka bahwa rumah akan menjadi begitu penting dalam hidup saya sekarang.”

Dan versi lain yang saya dengar baru-baru ini dari orang lain yang berbeda.

“Kita gak usah sering-sering ketemu gak  apa-apa yaa. Mendingan uang yang dibuat bolak-balik disimpan, ditabung.”

“Buat beli rumah kah?”


Usual Talk

What did you have for breaksfast?

Um.. coconut rice and red curry fish. Did you have breakfast yet?

No, still full after 2 portion of rice last night *lying

Hey! Don’t eat your roommate then.

Ouch! You’re late. I just ate one of her leg!


Tempe Goreng Tepung

“Aku lapar, mau sarapan terus buruan berangkat ke museum,” kata saya pada diri sendiri.

Rusuh. Rusuh dimana-mana. Seingat saya latar tempat itu tiba-tiba berganti. Di depan mata terhidang sepiring penuh tempe goreng tepung setengah matang. Tidak terlalu kering, tidak pula masih mentah. Saya dengan rusuh mencomotnya. 2 potong langsung, masuk dalam mulut. Panasnya tempe yang baru ditiriskan, sedikit minyak yang terasa dalam mulut. Begitu nyata. Seperti biasanya.

Di depan tampak seorang yang sangat familiar. Tersenyum seperti biasa menyaksikan kerusuhan buru-buru khas saya. Wajah itu, senyum itu.

“Na, bangun woy. Ayok berangkat ke museum. Udah jam 08.15.”

“Hah?” Saya mengucek mata. Masih tertegun.


Tante, aku kangen :’)