Rough Day, Remembered One

I had quite rough days or if I can mention: weeks. Today, one of my coworker lost document drawing for licensing matters. It is very important for other department and my department did the work. I lost it, my coworkers did. As the one who responsible, I took the blame. Today is my birthday and nobody in my office know. My parents are doing pilgrimage so they don’t make a call. My brother seems forget (or maybe he is just doing revenge because sometimes I forget his too, hehe).

Today, when it was come to subuh prayer’s time, R made a call and sang ice-cream-walls-song. He said it was his gift. It was sweet and pile of short messages came after that. I’m okay.

Today is rough. I nearly break my protection wall and tears could be easily spilled. But I didn’t do that. At 4 o’clock this evening, I checked my email and there’s one in my inbox. My long-distance-friend of me sent it. The content is a cheesy-modified lyric (haha!) of “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” song from my favorite movie as a birthday greeting. We both like the movie.

Really it was a rough day. I nearly lost my grip but in the end it was a day I will remember because it my 23th, too.

So thank you, all.


2 responses to “Rough Day, Remembered One

  1. Hai are you? long time no see 🙂
    What about your lost document? have u been find it?
    anyway, happy birthday ya, Na 😀

    • wooh, catraaa… nope, it was a mystery in my office since all the paper or document never been discarded.
      thank you, cat! so sorry for long awaited reply 😀

      how was your life recently? 🙂

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