Smelly Thing Around

Last night, I’ve been crancky like kids over-eat sugar. It is kind of homesick and gather with miss feeling for my brother. I told R about it and he suggested me to take something that smells nice to give me comfort feeling. But, I realize I’m not into that thing at all. While others will grab this kind of therapy (aromatherapy in this case) and feeling relax after take it, I will have headache in result. I think my nose and brain do not get along well.

So, I break down the list and quite surprise with the result. The conclusion is :

  • I really don’t like the smelly oil variety (cajuput oil, bee oil (?) or minyak tawon, telon oil (minyak telon in Indonesia), or else you name it. even minyak nyong-nyong, haha)
  • Spices : like lemongrass, lime leaf, cinnamon, ginger (OH! how I hate it so much), mint (like eating toothpaste) , cardamom (not very familiar with this) and too much amount of clove

But the thing I realize about not liking them is the statement both my brother and R told me. “It is so weird for someone who like eat and cook very much to not like those thing.” Well, when I thought about it again, I feel it was true in the end =D

Is there anybody who also does not like them like I do?

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