Take a Snap While You Can

I took photos below with my handphone camera. I surprise that their result turn out good enough in the middle of hot sunny day. I never do effect to my photo because I can’t and too lazy to learn the software. The location took place at Kelurahan Cakung, East Jakarta which is the location of my flood project. The place seems… very hot and dry and… you know the picture tells itself.


Smelly Thing Around

Last night, I’ve been crancky like kids over-eat sugar. It is kind of homesick and gather with miss feeling for my brother. I told R about it and he suggested me to take something that smells nice to give me comfort feeling. But, I realize I’m not into that thing at all. While others will grab this kind of therapy (aromatherapy in this case) and feeling relax after take it, I will have headache in result. I think my nose and brain do not get along well.

So, I break down the list and quite surprise with the result. The conclusion is :

  • I really don’t like the smelly oil variety (cajuput oil, bee oil (?) or minyak tawon, telon oil (minyak telon in Indonesia), or else you name it. even minyak nyong-nyong, haha)
  • Spices : like lemongrass, lime leaf, cinnamon, ginger (OH! how I hate it so much), mint (like eating toothpaste) , cardamom (not very familiar with this) and too much amount of clove

But the thing I realize about not liking them is the statement both my brother and R told me. “It is so weird for someone who like eat and cook very much to not like those thing.” Well, when I thought about it again, I feel it was true in the end =D

Is there anybody who also does not like them like I do?