Finding places in Jakarta, especially smaller buildings not on the main arteries, tends to be difficult due to poor signage and chaotic street names. Sometimes, the same name is used for different streets in different parts of the city, and it’s often difficult to find the correct street/address without the postal code/region. A sign with a street name facing you indicates the name of the street you are about to enter, not that of the cross street.

Alleys off a main road are often simply numbered, in a sequence that may not be logical, so a street address like “Jl. Mangga Besar VIII/21” means house number 21 on alley number 8 (VIII) off or near the main road of Jl. Mangga Besar.

If you don’t want to waste time, ask for the descriptions/name of nearby buildings, billboards, colour of the building/fence and the postal code of the address. If you still cannot find the address, start asking people in the street, especially ojek (motorcyle taxi drivers).

– Taken from Wikitravel

Oh my! I thought it just on my mind until I read those lines, hahaha. And believe me, ojek’s driverĀ  here is someone you can depend on anytime than any other driver.


Blub Blub

I hope life will stay the same. It is stagnant and we will have no desire to achieve something. That something I, somehow, adore.

The scarest thing of having dream is being commented, whether it is negative or sometimes the positive one. Even a very small dust can make you sneeze, but I hope that little bug in someone ear will never stop them to have a dream and achieve it. No matter what other said, don’t let their opinion go through your heart. Do from the smallest, do it sincerely and you’ll be fine.

My good friend once said, “Our truly enemy is someone closer than our enemy itself.” Well, I think it is right for now, hehe

Don’t forget to pray and do more than your best, because He always hear and Universe too =)

Because I like Dahlan Iskan and he says, “Work, work and work!”

And because I choose to not listen negative sounds like gossip or else, so what?

Have you ever bring along mirror when interact with others? You should. To let yourself know how you react and so on. Oh, I mean : “Have a reflection sometimes!” hehe

Have a nice day, everyone! =)