Some and more

Well, helloo readers. Just straight to the point, okay? =)

First, my blog hits reaches 10000 clicks, which, a lot. I don’t know why people always ended here and I’m sorry for being such not-very-professional blog writer. But thank you anyway, for those who read.

Second, about my tweet, goodreads account or blog. Now, I’m increasing my writing in English, which I want to keep continue. There are several people which always questioned about me using English, instead of Bahasa Indonesia. Nothing special and definitely there is nothing to do between language I use and patriotism. Whatever ;D

And third, recently I am following many games in Olympic. Somebody in the office told me about live streaming in Youtube and it is really great! I can choose whatever games I wanna watch and there is the schedule, too. No more TVRI need, haha. What? You judge me for not doing office work? You’re almost true, until you see what happen on my desktop, hehe. My favorite is archery, diving, swimming, athletics, and all games I can see until 6 (the end of office hour), hohoho


Today, I have…

a lesson to not give up easily and accept whatever come in result, because an athlete -swim athlete- today said :

not the color I want, but I take it. At least I tried my best.”

And he smiled, a big one. Not the smile you show when you dissapointed and pretend everything is okay.

Not that kind of smile.