To think

“The ability to think is the greatest joy given to mankind.”
“More than eating delicious food?”
“It’s more fun.”
“More than drinking alcohol and playing?”

– Galileo eps 2


An explanation

Dear fellow imaginary readers, I am sorry for being such a careless writer…or blogger. Lately, I experience a new phase of my life. I’ve been move into another city *still in Indonesia, off course* and city move is really not an easy one, especially for nomad people. Err, okay sorry…babbling.

This writing begin with my work acceptance in consultant firm, water engineering based which focus on power plant project. My office is located in Jakarta. So far that is the fact I knew. Honestly, I don’t really know about my company based or condition, who is the director, how long we get leave-time or stuff like that. Call me not-so-pay-attention-employee? It is really takes time because I am think through too about that =D

I moved to Jakarta from Bandung a month ago. Bring all my stuff for 4-years-college life and my mother agree that my stuff as big as newlyweed stuff. Not so supportive mother I think -___________-

So this is me now, a working girl in big hurry city. I work every weekdays from 9 to 6 in the evening. My bedroom in Jakarta is nice, it is bigger than the old one in Bandung, the neighborhood is nice, too and I hope I can through this phase. Next story will be not about my job, but back again like my previous random writing. Yosh! Jakarta will not change who am I or what I want to reach. Still I am the girl who love to bring lunch box to office, do almost me-time alone *eh* and have silly dream. hohoho

Sunday on Friday

“Bunda, besok Sunday yaa.”
“Bukan, Sayang. Besok Friday.”
“Aku tahu kalau besok itu Friday,tapi aku mau esklim sundae,Nda.”
*berpikir sejenak* “Oke deh,namanya jadi Sundae on Friday ya,dek =)”

Dan mereka pun bergandengan tangan. Rasanya hangat.