At least he made her laugh

It was sunny day, in the middle of fasting. Honestly, it was a rough day. She feels that she wasn’t being able to continue her fast. Well, I think it’s one of thousand ways satan temp her faith. Then, she thought maybe she just needed some calls and chat. She took her phone and made a call to her brother.

“I can’t stand for it again,” she said. She tried hard to keep her voice flat and tears didn’t fall.

“Why? Was it busy to meet you?”

“I guess yes, or maybe all I have to do is coming into its nest and continuing our bussiness.”

“Yes, you must. Where is its nest? Is that far?”

“Yeah, sort of. That’s why I didn’t come into.”

“Well, at least you try and if you feel upset, it’s okay. Just don’t forget to bring clurit* along when you come there.”

“Hahahahahaha, clever one!”


*clurit is traditional weapon from Madura. Just like knife, but has crescent shape 

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