Leo Girl with Sunflower Painting

Bandung, Juli 24th 2011

Let me tell you about this girl. This quirky super creative short girl (err, okay I’m not telling about physical weakness anymore ;p). I’ve been with her since junior high. So, I think we already walked by in a friendship for ten years. Well, this is my longest any-relationship in my whole life. We went ten years with cycle. Up everytime, down many times. Sometimes fight for unreasonable reason, being separate for a long time, visit each other town, do silly things…but in the end, we’ve been always together until now.

Hey, dont you know that I really love my junior high-hood just when I’m with her? Do you know that she and her weird  reading tastes affect my childhood the most? Even until now? She’s the one who bring me out from my shell. I wonder why she become so important to me even we live at separate city, do different things, and become different person in personality. I keep wondering…

Well, today is her birthday. For her 22 years she through alot. Sad, happiness, achievement, failures. But I always believe whatever she goes through, she always gets up and do her best again. Yes, she will.

I just wanna remember her, that she must believe in her self, dont over confident even she’s the confident one, and sometimes she must let go her ego off, hehe. In the end, even I said a long naration above, still I’m not a person who knew everything about her, so I feel sorry if often I can understand her weirdo attitude, hehe. I feel glad that we do the right thing to move from our city and see world so we often have unnatural mind concept that other people don’t have (because our weirdness, hahaha)

Happy birthday, Leo Girl! Hope you’ll success with your study, fulfilled your working-on-UNESCO dream, around the world and what else? Mm, whatever you wanna be then. Everything you wanna have in your live, I always be there to look on you okaayy.. Long live, Nez!

PS : I still remember the painting you did when we’re first grader on junior high. The flower-garden one. The one that I helped you finish it? Remember? I love it!

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3 responses to “Leo Girl with Sunflower Painting

  1. Woy ganti woy! Ralat judulnya! Leo girlnya nggak terima! :))))

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